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Nitin Sangwan Notes, the Indian Civil Services Exam (UPSC) Study Guide, provides a strategy for passing the exam. Sangwan Notes available for download as a PDF file and includes an introduction to the UPSC exam and its format, as well as information on how to prepare for the exam.

It is a highly competitive examination that tests candidates on their knowledge of various subjects including geography, history, economics and mathematics.

What is Nitin Sangwan’s Strategy For The Indian Civil Services Exam?

Nitin Sangwan is an Indian Civil Services Exam topper and author of the best-selling book ‘How I Became An IAS Topper’.

The strategy that Nitin Sangwan recommends for the Indian Civil Services Exam is that you should not study too much.

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What are the Best Tips From Nitin Sangwan’s Strategy For The Indian Civil Services Exam?

Nitin Sangwan is a former civil servant who has written a book that tells you how to prepare for the Indian Civil Services Exam.

In his book, he shares his own experience with the exam and what he thinks are some of the best tips. He believes that it is important to start studying from a young age. This way you can get used to the exam format and get better at understating questions.

He also recommends that if you are going for coaching, make sure you pick one near your home so that you can go there every day without any issues.Nitin Sangwan Notes

Work on Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is a section that tests your ability to understand, analyse and assess the meaning of a sentence. It is a very important section for the UPSC exam.

The verbal reasoning section tests your ability to understand and analyse the meaning of sentences. The questions are not difficult but you should be able to read quickly and effectively in order to answer them in time.

Learn General Knowledge & Current Affairs from Newspapers & Magazines

The strategy is to read newspapers and magazines for general knowledge and current affairs.

This strategy is important because it helps students to be more aware of the world around them. It also helps them to keep up with the latest happenings in their country and the world Nitin Sangwan Notes

Conclusion: We hope you found this article useful in your preparations!

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