SQL Pros and Cons

SQL Pros and Cons

Pros of SQL:

1. SQL is a standardized language, making it widely supported and compatible across different database management systems.
2. It offers a high level of data integrity and security, with features such as transaction support and user authentication.
3. SQL allows for efficient retrieval, manipulation, and analysis of large volumes of data through its powerful query capabilities.
4. It provides flexibility in terms of designing relational databases and defining relationships between tables.
5. SQL is easy to learn and use, even for non-technical individuals, due to its intuitive syntax and wide availability of tutorials/documentation.

Cons of SQL:

1. Limited scalability: Traditional SQL databases may struggle to handle extremely large data sets or high traffic loads efficiently.
2. Lack of real-time analytics: Performing complex analytical queries in real-time using pure SQL can be challenging.
3. Lack of support for unstructured or semi-structured data: SQL primarily focuses on structured data stored in tables, making it less suitable for handling diverse data types like JSON or XML.
4. Complexity in managing database schema changes: Modifying the structure or design of an existing database can be time-consuming and may impact other applications relying on the same schema.
5. Vendor lock-in: Advanced features provided by specific database vendors might

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