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Sunday, 8 November 2020

List of US Presidents


List of US Presidents 2020

List of US Presidents
List of US Presidents

Presidents of the United States of America in order by years of service

After the independence of the United States of America, many great leaders were elected to serve as the President of the United States of America. The list showing US presidents in the order of the term they served is given as below.

1George Washington1789-1797
2John Adams1797-1801
3Thomas Jefferson1801-1809
4James Madison1809-1817
5James Monroe1817-1825
6John Quincy Adams1825-1829
7Andrew Jackson1829-1837
8Martin Van Buren1837-1841
9William Henry Harrison1841-1841
10John Tyler1841-1845
11James K. Polk1845-1949
12Zachary Taylor1849-1850
13Millard Fillmore1850-1853
14Franklin Pierce1853-1857
15James Buchanan1857-1861
16Abraham Lincoln1861-1865
17Andrew Johnson1865-1869
18Ulysses S. Grant1869-1877
19Rutherford B. Hayes1877-1881
20James A. Garfield1881-1881
21Chester Arthur1881-1885
22Grover Cleveland1885-1889
23Benjamin Harrison1889-1893
24Grover Cleveland1893-1897
25William McKinley1897-1901
26Theodore Roosevelt1901-1909
27William Howard Taft1909-1913
28Woodrow Wilson1913-1921
29Warren G.Harding1921-1923
30Calvin Coolidge1923-1929
31Herbert Hoover1929-1933
32Franklin D. Roosevelt1933-1945
33Harry S. Truman1945-1953
34Dwight D. Eisenhower1953-1957
35John F. Kennedy1961-1963
36Lyndon B. Johnson1963-1969
37Richard Nixon1969-1974
38Gerald Ford1974-1977
39Jimmy Carter1977-1981
40Ronald Reagan1981-1989
41George Bush1989-1993
42Bill Clinton1993-2001
43George W. Bush2001-2009
44Barack Obama2009-2017
45 Donald Trump2017-2020
46 Joe Biden2020-Present


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                    List of USA Presidents
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