Public Ad Notes By Anshul Kumar UPSC Toppers

Public Administrator Notes By Anshul Kumar UPSC Toppers

Public Ad Notes By Anshul Kumar UPSC Toppers

Presently you have decided to progress toward becoming IAS official and searching for the books and study materials to accomplish your objective. All things considered, you are on the correct place. Presently We are  Sharing With You Public Administration Notes By Anshul Kumar PDF Book Free download

This article which is based on Public Administration Notes By Anshul Kumara part of our most viewed notes on Public Administration Notes, which we think our readers not supposed to miss. Readers may download the each of the notes as PDF  free of cost just click on Download button. Check our GS 1 notes category from menu bar, if you willing to read the complete archives.

Public Administration Notes PDF in English helps in improving your knowledge and automatically improves your marks in competitive examinations.
Public Administration Notes optional profession and compatible
There are obviously many advantages to public administration, which is why so many candidates choose it. In this section, we also discuss some of the professional issues and some of the drawbacks that you may encounter with this option.
Public administration optional benefits
  1. The best thing about Public Administration Notes is that the syllabus is short and definitive compared to other subjects. With a planned approach, this option can easily be covered in 3 months.
  2. As a future Public Administration Notes, you will find some of the ideas in this article useful in your future career as they are mostly related to administration and management.
  3. General studies papers are heavily influenced by topics such as governance and the constitution. Public Administration Notes will also be helpful in ethics and essay papers.


GS II titles that overlap with Pub Aid:
  1. Parliament and state legislators
  2. Dispute resolution procedures and institutions
  3. Governance
  4. Ministries and government departments
  5. Aspects of governance, transparency and accountability
  6. Evolution, features, amendments, and Indian Constitution.
  7. Separation of powers between different organs
  8. Duties and responsibilities of the Union and the States
  9. E-Governance
  10. Constitutional, legal, regulatory and judicial judiciary
  11. Welfare schemes for the weaker sections
  12. Issues related to poverty and starvation


GS  III with titles including Pub Aid.
  1. Disaster management, planning and budgeting
  2. Environment
  3. The role of media and social networking sites in internal security
  4. Planning matters
  5. Government budget
  6. Comprehensive development 


Topics in Paper  IV (Ethics) with pub ad:
  1. Ethics and the Human Interface (basic concept of administrative values ​​and ethics of public administration)
  2. Attitude: Material, structure, function, its influence and relationship with thought and behavior. Ethical and political attitudes; social influence and consent


Public administration Disadvantages losses:
  1. In recent years, there has been an opinion that Public Administration Notes is not scoring.
  2. If you are not interested in this article, it is difficult and tiring to read.
  3. If you have knowledge of sociology, political science and management, the questions of public administration can be answered well, because there are many ideas rooted in these subjects.
  4. Papers I and II must be merged during your preparation and when writing the answers. Many concepts and ideas in Paper I have to be used in real life examples in Paper II. This correlation is absolutely necessary to get good marks in this option.
  5. In addition, you will need to provide international examples of governance in Paper II.


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