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best spanish learning apps: Are you interested in learning Spanish but don’t have the time or money for a full-time course? You may want to learn Spanish on the go during your lunch break, on the bus or before going to bed. If this sounds familiar to you, then learning Spanish with an app will be a great idea .

Using the best Spanish applications  you will be able to learn the language in the most fun and comfortable way.

There are hundreds of applications to learn Spanish, but not all of them are useful or worth your time.

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the work for you! We have carefully researched and tested different apps to help you choose the best one for your level and the skills you want to improve. Here are 11 great apps that you can use to learn Spanish today, whether you want to improve your writing, listening comprehension, conversation, spelling, reading, grammar or vocabulary.

Our team has thoroughly researched and analyzed these applications to learn Spanish. We have taken into account the different levels of learners, we have investigated the tools and widgets that are useful to support the learning process. This is what we think of each of them.
1. Duolingo

The champion of language apps. Launched in 2011, Duolingo now has more than 500 million users worldwide (2021) and is the most downloaded educational app of all time. With its app you can learn more than 30 different languages.

Its easy-to-use interface and highly engaging system make it a good introductory app for first-time learners. Beginners are exposed to a good amount of vocabulary on different topics. The wide range of levels makes it useful if you are an intermediate learner, with several exercises to help you learn the construction of correct sentences in the Spanish language.

Duolingo also has a new feature that allows you to complete short stories on different topics. You have to complete small tasks that test your understanding of the story. This is undoubtedly a new way of learning through a language application.


  • Great design, entertaining and enjoyable
  • Short lessons: no more than 10 minutes each
  • Gamified learning system (skill levels, day streak, level up, fluency meter, etc.) that keeps you engaged and motivated
  • Extra lessons:
    – Flirting and pick up lines (yes, you read that right)
    – Idioms and sayings


  • It is mostly good for beginners, so it is not suitable for students with a higher level
  • No proper grammar explanations (supposed to be learned intuitively)
  • It is not specialized in Spanish (standardized procedure for more than 30 languages)

2. Memrise

Memrise is the quintessential language vocabulary app . Each lesson helps you learn about 15 words, and with consistency, you can build a huge vocabulary arsenal. Memrise turns learning into a game in a similar way to Duolingo.

This app shows words as part of complete sentences, which makes it much more than a monotonous dictionary. The uniqueness of Memrise as an application to learn Spanish lies in the variety of the courses , since you can also create your own learn spanish app.

Clips with native speakers in different contexts and funny situations are entertaining to watch. The app also allows you to sharpen your comprehension skills and become familiar with the different types of Spanish.


  • Diversity of courses and topics
  • Entertaining phrases and explanations
  • Play and compete with your friends
  • Great user interface


  • Weak grammatical explanations
  • Some courses may be of better quality than others
  • Only useful if you commit to using it every day
  • It is not specialized in Spanish

3. Busuu

Busuu is a great choice between a paid app and a free one.

The app includes complete grammar lessons with very useful exercises that can not only help beginners get a solid foundation for good Spanish grammar, but can also potentially help intermediate learners reach the next level of Spanish proficiency.

Busuu uses a wide variety of images and audio files to help you expand your vocabulary. It has many useful resources for reading comprehension , allowing you to focus on understanding the dialogues to familiarize yourself with the language learn spanish app.

It also offers the opportunity to interact with other users and native speakers so that you can exchange and correct your written exercises. Language learning levels range from A1 to B2 .

There is extra premium content like podcasts, but regardless of the paid features, it’s a really useful app for learning Spanish. You can have the basic membership for free, and during your first week, you will have access to some of the advanced features. Afterwards, you can decide whether to continue with the free version or subscribe.

Advantages :

  • Very easy to use and quite attractive
  • Good quality and wide variety of themes
  • Possibility to talk with other students
  • Possibility of contacting native speakers, although only through chat

Cons :

  • no guardian
  • Need to pay to be able to continue advancing

4. MosaLingua

MosaLingua occupies a good place in the ranking of Spanish applications. Most of its success, in our opinion, lies in its structure. There are tons of subcategories, variety, and levels from beginner to advanced.

Depending on your learning style, this app can be very effective for you. The most outstanding feature of this application is its flashcard tool, the SRS – Spaced Repetition System . Sounds cosmic, right?

The app has a built-in list of flashcards that you can choose from that will allow you to progress and stay on track, improving your long-term memory when it comes to useful words and phrases that you want to learn. In fact, these cards contain audio recordings made by native speakers, so you can’t mispronounce words. Also, there is an option to browse and learn about Spanish grammar rules if you are looking for more clarification.

Unfortunately, the free content in this app is limited. But if the MosaLingua system is something that might be effective for you, you should consider purchasing the full app to unlock the other levels.

Pros :

  • Explore the topics you want freely
  • Hands-free mode (talk only)
  • Flashcards are an effective way to learn
  • No invasive push notifications

Cons :

  • Not useful for studying before an exam or a trip abroad
  • It’s fine for studying a little each day, but there are better apps for longer periods
  • Very limited free content

5. Babbel

Babbel is a premium subscription-based language learning app, offering 14 different languages, from beginner to intermediate. It contains solid and structured courses that can help you with your writing, reading and listening skills in Spanish.

Like the other apps mentioned above, this one offers a ton of exercises like texts to read, sentences to complete, and audios to listen to. All of them are based on different themes and everyday scenarios. Some exercises require you to repeat certain phrases out loud, which pushes you to practice your speaking skills.

Although Babbel’s user interface is not the best out there, this app allows you to freely choose different levels and themes to find the one that suits you best. In addition, it has a good structure that explains certain concepts of Spanish grammar that an average student can sometimes find complicated.

With its name inspired by the Biblical Tower of Babel, Babbel was claimed as “the most innovative company in education” in 2016. The company coined its own ” Babbel method “, which sets it apart from other language learning apps. You can try its first lesson for free to see if it’s the Spanish app for you.

Advantages :

  • Easy to understand grammar tips
  • Focuses on long-term retention by reintroducing words and phrases periodically
  • Review manager, with review sessions

Cons :

  • Courses are only available up to an intermediate level
  • Does not maintain interest in the content
  • It lacks some fun and some exercises are a bit repetitive


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