Vehicle Insurance Ranking – Which is the Best Insurer?

Vehicle Insurance Ranking When we are going to take out car insurance, as in any other purchase of good or service, we need to know its quality and price. And a practical way to establish comparisons is through a ranking. List of the most expensive, cheapest, most complete and most basic insurances, allows us to have quick access to the information that we will use to make the decision. The ranking can be customized, which is what appears in the insurance table when you make a quote, or it can be more generalized, based on the averages of quotes in the market. Take a look below and learn a little more about some car insurance comparisons.

What is the Best Car Insurer?

There are many insurance companies in Brazil, and several of them are good. Of course, it is difficult to establish which are the best, as some customers may have good experiences in a particular company, while others will have a not very positive testimonial. However, it is possible to make a ranking if we take into account the speed of service and prices, which are elements that help us to think about a satisfaction index. Let’s take a look at some of the most recognized insurance companies in Brazil:

  • South America. With a large presence throughout the country, the company has more than one package for the customer to choose from, and is usually among the cheapest
  • Tokyo Marine . Insurance company also with competitive prices, and pioneer in innovative products such as the Popular Car Insurance
  • Safe harbor. Although the prices are on average a little higher than the previous two, it is highly helpful in the service and assistance offered.
  • Zurich Insurance. Of international origin, Zurich also has good flexibility in its plans, with a good range of possibilities

Best Cost-Benefit Vehicle Insurance

Undoubtedly, the most suitable insurance will be the one with the best cost-benefit ratio. This is pretty easy to know when making a quote. You compare between several insurances that have the same coverage and services, and you see the difference in prices. This is important, as it may happen that car insurance is cheaper, with smaller installments, but dispenses with important coverage or assistance. For example, some insurance policies may exclude window coverage or a reserve car.

Ranking of Cheapest Cars Insurance

Insurance is often what makes the person decide whether or not to own the car. Or what can happen is that this person gives up taking out insurance because of the high price. To a large extent, the cost of insurance will depend on the driver of the vehicle, but the car itself has a little influence on the value. Therefore, we will leave a ranking of the cheapest car insurance averages and then others with the cheapest insurance we found.

Cars with cheaper insurance (on average in 2022), according to the ranking published by the Consumidor Moderno website, considering prices for men and women, respectively:

  • Ford Ka: R$ 1731 / R$ 1540
  • Renault Kwid: R $ 1,490 / R $ 1,376
  • Fiat Argo: R $ 1820 / R $ 1674
  • Chevrolet Onix: BRL 1653/ BRL 1530

Cheapest insurance we found (for specific profiles):

  • Ford Ka (for a 45-year-old woman from São Paulo): R$1330
  • Chevrolet Onix (51-year-old man from Brasília): R$ 1360
  • Volkswagen Gol (38-year-old man from São Paulo): R$ 1367
  • Chevrolet Prisma (46-year-old man from Belo Horizonte): R$ 1406
  • Volkswagen Polo (39-year-old woman from São Paulo): R$ 1422

What is the best and cheapest car insurance?

The cheapest insurance and with the most complete package of coverage and assistance will undoubtedly be the best insurance to choose, as long as the rules are clear and the insurer fulfills everything it promises. It is difficult to say which insurance this is, as quotes can reveal different results. But what we can say is that insurance companies like Tokio Marine and Azul Seguros offer a great product: the Popular Auto Insurance, available in some metropolitan regions and which allows the vehicle owner to save up to half the insurance price.

Auto Insurance in Banks

What about bank insurers? Are they good? Basically, these insurers are the same as the others, being able to offer varied coverage plans and services. But taking out car insurance at a bank can have an advantage: for those who have a checking account at that bank, there will be a different form of payment, with a greater number of installments without interest. In addition, customers who have a current account at the bank generally have access to other benefits, such as discounts on services that may or may not be linked to the vehicle.

  • Bank car insurance ranking
  • Bank of Brazil car insurance
  • Interbank auto insurance.
  • Itaú bank auto insurance.
  • Original bank auto insurance.
  • Santander bank auto insurance
  • Imported Car Insurance or Vehicle Insurance Prices

Anyone who has an imported car knows that it will require special care. Many insurers do not even accept to insure certain types of luxury cars, as the cost of compensation in case of partial damage would be very high. However, there are insurance companies specializing in these vehicles, such as Banco do Brasil Seguros, which has a differentiated segment for vehicles costing over R$80,000. To find out what the average values ​​are, we made quotations in several companies for customers aged between 30 and 50 years. The pricing results are:

Simulation of imported car insurance oe vehicle insurance prices

Model Price
Mini Cooper S 1.6 R$ 4.940
Range Rover Evoque R$ 7.146
Kia Sportage LX R$ 3.834
Volvo XC 60 R$ 11.000
Mercedes Benz E class R$ 10.160
Audi A6 R$ 9.454
BMW X 4 R$ 9.182
Porsche Macan R$ 10.212

Electric Auto Insurance

Electric cars are a growing trend, aiming to achieve sustainability going forward. Although there are still not many in Brazil, due to the higher costs than abroad, we can find some. And for them insurance is just as important. The difficulty in getting electric car insurance is that insurers do not find many companies that specialize in repairing this type of vehicle. Therefore, they cannot offer insurance to the customer. Pattini is an insurance brokerage that indicates the protections for those who have an electric car.

Auto Insurance for UOL Subscribers

There are more options for auto insurance than we usually think. Those who subscribe to UOL can count on very cheap plans to protect their car or motorcycle. There are three different plans where you hire more than one thing. See what the plans are:

Easy. The cheapest of all. Includes car or motorbike assistance, residential assistance, nutritional advice and a personal trainer

Most. In addition to everything the previous one offers, it has a covered funeral service and UOL content

Complete. In addition to what is included in the previous plans, there is a funeral service for the whole family.

Assistance for the motorcycle or car is:

  • Trailer or winch. By accident, lack of fuel or mechanical failure
  • tire change
  • Locksmith service. For lost or broken key
  • Alternative transport

Auto Insurance at Banco Original

Banco Original is a recently formed bank, but it has all the necessary services for its customers. To purchase insurance, you must have a checking account. Car insurance has coverage, assistance and other benefits. Coverages are flexible enough that you can tailor the insurance to your car. As for assistance, we find those that every vehicle requires for any type of failure, be it mechanical, electrical, or some forgetfulness, such as when the key is left inside the car, lost, or when the vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of the road. . In these cases, Banco Original offers assistance through partnerships with workshops and other companies.