Top 10 vehicle insurance companies in usa 2022

Top 10 vehicle insurance companies in usa: The best car insurers of 2022 vary according to ratings and evaluation criteria. See a list of some that stood out.

New year is coming and plans for it to flow well are already starting. Knowing which are the best car insurers of 2022 will help you define how to protect your vehicle.

As there are many companies on the market that provide this service, it is not easy to know which is the most advantageous. If you do research, you will hear good and bad things about them all.

You need to define some search criteria in order to reach a conclusion and that’s exactly what we did to help you.

So that we could reach the conclusion of the best car insurers of 2022, we collected information from different sources.

Discover our step-by-step guide to preparing the results:

1) We started by doing a survey at Sincor SP. We consider the 2020 ranking of car insurers released by them.


We only considered the top 20, considering they were the most prominent in the previous year, according to Sincor data.

2) Having these names in hand, we did a search on the Reclame Aqui website. There, we consider the period of the last 12 months – 12/01/2020 to 11/30/2021 – and the grade assigned by the website. If the score is tied, we consider the percentage of customers who would do business with the company again to break the tie.

3) From then on, we defined the order in which the companies would be classified, but we thought that these criteria would be few so that the final consumer could know a little more about each company.

4) Therefore, we entered the SUSEP website and checked the claims rate of each insurer considering the year 2022. This allowed us to know if there are many records against it.

It is worth mentioning that this index takes into account the number of complaints divided by the total value of awards received by the company and multiplied by 1,000,000.

Thus, the lower the index, the better for each insurer.

5) On the website we were able to obtain information from all the insurance companies we were working with. Therefore, we included this index, which assigned a score from 1 to 5, according to the consumer satisfaction score, and the higher it is, the better the satisfaction.


On Facebook, we seek to know the ratings that people give to companies. However, most official pages block this type of information, so we disregard it.

The same thing happened when we went to research at Procon SP. As most insurers did not have substantiated claims, it would not be fair to consider the few that did. Once again, we disregard this data.

It is important to remember that not all insurers in the country were surveyed, as we used some criteria as presented above.

The best car insurance companies of 2022

Based on all the research we’ve done and following the established criteria, we’ve managed to put together a ranking of the best car insurers of 2022.

It is worth mentioning that in this case the results are based on the research we did and if we used another index as the main one for ranking, it could be different.

See how the ranking of the best car insurers of 2022was, and we used the highest rating order of Reclame Aqui and included the other indices so that you, as a consumer, can choose the best criterion.

Top 10 vehicle insurance companies in usa

1 – Suhai

Suhai appears in first place for having obtained the best grade on the Reclame Aqui website. She had an 8.7 rating and an “RA1000” rating, being the only one to be rated this way. The rate of consumers who would do business again is also very high, standing at 81.2%.

At SUSEP, it was one of the insurance companies that had the most complaints registered, making this data something negative for her. The percentage is 0.24.

On the other hand, on the website, it had a score above the average of its competitors, of 2.49.

2 – Sound

Sompo Seguros works with different types of insurance, including auto. For those who registered a complaint on Reclame Aqui, the company did well in the solution and guaranteed the grade 8.3 on the website.

If you look at SUSEP, it is the company that has the least complaints registered of all those surveyed, and its index is only 0.11. On the other hand, on it was one of the worst evaluated, receiving a satisfaction score of 2.02.

3 – Cardif Seguros

Occupying the third position of the best car insurers of 2022 is Cardif. In Reclame Aqui, she got an 8.2 rating and an ‘Excellent’ rating.

At SUSEP, it had an index of 0.18, but what was surprising was its rating on, as it was the insurer that obtained the highest score of all those surveyed, 2.81.

In addition to being the highest score, it was also above the general average of the site.

4 – Zurich Insurance

Zurich ‘s insurance also appears to be well rated and scored 7.9 in Reclame Aqui. On the website, he received the rating ‘Good’.

A very positive point in relation to the insurance company is the evaluation by SUSEP, as it only has a 0.06 rate of complaints, the lowest of all surveyed. In the organ, the manifestations are quite low.

It is almost average when it comes to, as it managed to score 2.49 there.

5 – Mitsui

Mitsui is right in the middle of our ranking of the best car insurers of 2022. This is due to its 7.8 rating on the Reclame Aqui website.

In the other channels, it did not stand out either for positive or negative factors, being in the average of the other insurers. At SUSEP, it had an index of 0.15 and at a score of 2.14.

6 – Tokyo Marine

Tokio Marine , which is part of a Japanese group, also appears on the list with positive indicators, but they do not stand out as much.

In Reclame Aqui, it got a score of 7.6, in SUSEP an index of 0.13 and in a score of 2.22.

7 – Liberty Seguros

Liberty appears tied with the next two insurers in terms of the first criterion used to form the ranking.

In Reclame Aqui, it got a score of 7.5 and we had to look at the percentage of customers who would do business with the company again. As this was 63.7%, it was the one that appeared next.

At SUSEP, it had an index of 0.15, the same as that of Mitsui, and at, a score of 2.32.

8 – HDI Insurance

The HDI appears tied in relation to the Reclame Aqui score with 7.5. In relation to customers who would trade again, the percentage is lower than in the previous case, standing at 59.5%.

On the website, it was the one with the lowest score of all those surveyed, 1.82. At SUSEP it was the 3rd with the most records, a percentage of 0.19.

9 – Sura

Sura ranked third among the best car insurers of 2022 with a score of 7.5. The tie-breaking criterion for clients who would re-negotiate is 54.1%.

In the SUSEP index, it was the worst evaluated among all that appear in this list with a percentage of 0.25. On the, it is in the average of the others with a score of 2.47.

10 – Porto Seguro

Finally in our list appears Porto Seguro . In the last 12 months, she had a score of 7.4 on Reclame Aqui and a percentage of 64.3% of clients who would do business with her again.

On the other hand, it performed well on the other channels. At SUSEP, the percentage is 0.09, the 2nd lowest. In its score is 2.59, the 2nd highest among those surveyed.

Summary of assessments

Check in the table below the scores obtained in the different channels surveyed.


According to the survey carried out and following the criteria established by the Smartia team, it is possible to see which are the best car insurers in 2022. However, if the index that determined the list were changed, for example, to those of SUSEP, the results would be totally different and the order would change.

Therefore, when looking for the best insurance company, it is necessary to evaluate different sources and have an average. It is also necessary to have a critical sense to understand what a complaint and a problem are.

Despite all the ratings and numbers, everyone may consider one type of note more important than another.

If you wanted to know which are the best car insurance companies for 2022, you already have a criterion to follow. You can search further and see if they meet your needs.

And for you, is this list within what you imagined? Did you think that an insurance company was missing to be part of it?