HDFC term insurance: – To fulfill the insurance needs of the people of this

country, HDFC term insurance provides different kinds of plans for the convenience of the people.HDFC term insurance plans are wholly

protected plans. In this plan, the person who holds the policy needs to pays for the insurance and after the term end. he/she does not get back any kind of amount in

his/her hands. While the nominees get benefitted from these plans if the person who holds the hdfc term insurance passes away during this period. Hence, these

term insurance plans provide the safest future to the dependent of hdfc term insurance policyholder. 

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Annuity option: This option guarantees that the amount paid at the death of the insured is

equal to 10% of the insured amount. The remaining amount, 90% of the insured sum, is paid in equal monthly installments for 15 years. Monthly installments are

generally 0.5% of the total sum insured. Monthly payments begin one month after the death of the insured
But Income Option: This option ensures that the death benefit is paid in a lump sum upon the death of the insured person. In addition, the amount equivalent to 0.5% of

the total insured is paid as a monthly benefit to applicants for 10 years. The insured can choose between fixed monthly installments (0.5% of the total insured) or

progressive installments. If there is an increase in payments, the amount increases by 10% per year.