What is OTT

OTT means (OTT Meaning in Hindi) Over-the-Top. In this you get to see new movies, web series, and media content. As soon as a new webseries is released that it is first released on this OTT platform and people come to this platform and enjoy it by live streaming the web series movies.

OTT This is a video streaming service. Earlier it was very famous in America, after that it came to India, since then people have started liking this platform very much. Video streaming service is growing rapidly all over the world. Content on the OTT platform is made available through the Internet. If special days are to be believed, then only OTT content will be seen the most in the coming time.

What is OTT Fullform

The Fullform of OTT is Over-The-Top .

What is OTT App

OTT Apps are those apps where people can watch their favorite webseries. With the help of OTT Apps, you can also download these apps on your LED TV and can also use it on TV through Internet. OTT Apps are available on Google Playstore and they can be downloaded from there. The work of OTT Apps is that whatever video is in OTT platform, we can easily watch it through Apps and whenever there is a new video or new webseries that we can watch it. There are such OTT apps in India, we will tell about them further.

What are the advantages of OTT (OTT Benefits)

  • You do not need any cable or any D2H to watch OTT content on TV. You can watch the video by downloading OTT Apps directly from the store to the LED Smart TV, for this only Internet Connection is required.
  • In this you will get Original Content. Like new web series, new movies, etc. The content you will get to see on these apps, you will not be able to get it easily anywhere else.
  • Through OTT Platform, you can watch the content of your choice at any time and download OTT Apps of your choice.
  • OTT Apps can be easily downloaded and used in devices like Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablet etc.
  • The content shown on the OTT platform is 100% original, which is not seen anywhere else.
  • Some platforms put their own original content here. For example, platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix create their own content.

What are the Types of OTT Services

There are 3 services of OTT, all three of which are different.

1) Transactional Video On Demand(TVOD)

In this service, it is given that the web series or television show that you have to watch once is rented or can be bought or rented. Like for example iTunes

2) Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD)

In this service, it is given that in this you have to buy a month or year plan for subscription so that the new video that is being streamed can be seen. Platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix provide this facility.

3) Advertizing Video On Demand

In this OTT service, the customer has to see the advertisement. In this service you will be able to watch videos for free but you will have to watch advertisements. While watching the video, advertisements will come in between and those who take the subscription plan do not see the advertisements.

India’s Favorite OTT Platform List

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Disney+Hotstar
  • Sony Live
  • Zee5
  • Voot
  • MX Player
  • Jio Cinema
  • Alt Balaji

What are the prices of OTT Platforms(Subscription Price Of OTT Platforms)

The subscription fee of all OTT platforms is different.

Amazon Prime Video

The price of this OTT platform is currently Rs 129 per month and Rs 999 per year.


Currently the subscription fee of this platform is Rs 799 per month. This is a smartphone-cable plan that allows 4 devices to be connected with the same ID. 649 per month for the same 2 smartphone devices.


This platform offers 2 types of subscription plans. One is the premium plan of Rs 999 per annul and Rs 299 per month in which Unlimited Ads Free Content is available and the other is Hotstar VIP which costs Rs 365 per year, in which limited Ads Free Content is available to be seen.

Sony live

Currently, the price of this OTT platform is Rs.99 per month and Rs.299 for 6 months and Rs.499 per year.


The premium subscription of this platform is Rs.99 per month and Rs.999 per annum.


Voot Platform is famous for kids content and episodes of BigBoss which cost Rs.99 per month and subscription fee of Rs.499 per year with one free testing.

MX Player

The MX Player platform allows its customers to watch content for free as well as show ads.

Jio Cinema

For those who have Jio SIM and recharge for the month of Jio Pay, Jio Cinema Platform is given in the same recharge.

Alt Balaji

The cheapest subscription is from Alt Balaji Platform. Its cost is Rs 100 for 3 months and Rs 300 for one year.

What is the social impact of OTT platform

The social impact of the OTT platform is believed to be due to its dark and violent content. It is having a negative impact on the mental health of the audience. Most of the volatile content is visible in it. Videos like violence are seen in this.

What is the future of OTT platform in India

The content of this platform is being liked a lot in India. It does not require TV, so its content can be seen anywhere and at any time and the content coming on this platform is original content. That is why OTT will be even more popular in the future and would like to watch movies, web series on OTT platform more than watching in television.