Full Fee Concession Application

Full Fee Concession Application आज हम आपके लिए लेकर आए हैं कि एप्लीकेशन फॉर्मेट जिसमें हम बताएंगे कि आप अपने स्कूल में अगर आपकी कनेक्शन कंडीशन अच्छी नहीं है तो फुल फी कंसेशन के लिए एप्लीकेशन कैसे लिख सकते हैं तो आप नीचे दी गई एप्लीकेशन का reference ले सकते हैं और अपने स्कूल में अपनी कंडीशन अपने हिसाब से बता सकते हैं !

Format 1

Write an application to the headmaster to concession the school fee. (Full Fee Concession Application)

The Principal

Junior High School, Sikri (Raj)

Subject: Full fee concession application

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform that I am a student of class 10th of your school. In this year my younger brother has also been enrolled in the fourth class of your school. Now we have two brothers studying in this school. Both of us brothers have to pay Rs 350 – Rs 350 per month as school fees. Sir, my father is a simple farmer, who works day and night like a laborer in farming with his hard work.

But despite this, the father gets a small amount of income, which is not sufficient for us. Due to which the father is unable to arrange food and clothes for his family. The monthly fee I pay in school has doubled with the arrival of my younger brother. Father is facing great difficulties in paying the monthly fee of both of us brothers. My father was also talking about meeting you about the monthly school fee.

Therefore, Sir, it is my humble request to you that in view of my financial condition, please give us full fee concession. So that my father can reduce some financial burden and with the remaining money, I can buy my books and stationery.

So that I do not have to face difficulties in continuing my studies smoothly. I am sure that you will definitely consider my financial condition sympathetically and make arrangements to provide relief to me.

Your faithful student
class : ninth
Roll No. 02

Format 2

Application form to the Principal for waiver of fee. Hindi Letters!


The Principal,

Junior High School,

Subject: Application for full fee Concession

respected Sir,

I beg to say that I am a student of class 7th of your school. In the past days my father was heavily into business. Had to suffer. Most of the people in the city are aware of this. You too will be unaware of this news.

In such a situation the financial condition of my family has become very worrying. It has become very painful for my father to bear the cost of my studies. I am worried that I might leave my studies prematurely.

Sir, I also want to inform you that I have stood first in all the examinations so far. I have received many ‘awards’ in sports too. Therefore, keeping all these things in mind, you are requested to make such arrangements, so that I can complete my studies in this school up to class XII without paying any fees. I will always be grateful to you.

Your Obediently
Class – VII ‘B’
Dated- 16.04.2022