Rarely do we hear parents think about the question of medical insurance for a toddler after their birth because there are so many more important things like food, formula milk, or cribs that are a priority. What’s more a child’s medical needs are considered still manageable because the child is small. However, a toddler’s medical needs can be expensive, so you may want to consider insurance for your child.

Here are four reasons you should consider medical coverage for your child, regardless of their age.

#1: Provide quality health care for children

Some parents choose to wait until the child is older before getting medical coverage for them. There are also parents who are lucky enough to get employee benefits at companies that provide health care insurance for employees ’children. In the absence of such employee benefits, the child’s medical needs should be borne by the parents with public health assistance. Parents need to remember that public medical facilities are usually full and sometimes need to be on a long waiting list for some treatment or consultation with a specialist doctor.

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#2: Protects against common diseases and various medical conditions

It is not impossible for you to hear about a newborn or toddler who needs medical treatment for respiratory illnesses or infectious diseases. While all parents expect the best for their child, a strong medical plan can provide access to quality medical assistance including consultation with a physician after hospitalization. A medical plan can also help doctors recognize the symptoms of the disease from an early stage and reduce the likelihood of these symptoms becoming more serious.

#3: Tranquility without having to think about money

In the issue of getting an insurance plan for a child, many argue that it is not a necessity because a child’s medical treatment is considered limited and not as expensive as an adult’s medical costs. That opinion is inaccurate because the medical costs of children are no different from the medical costs of adults. Medical costs for both young children and adults can increase every year. Having a medical plan for your child not only gives you access to quality healthcare in the moment they need it, it is also able to help you so that you don’t have to spend large sums of money during times of emergency.

#4: Guarantee protection at a competitive price

Due to the young age of the children, they have a low probability of using all of their insurance claims and this results in lower monthly premium payments for the little one. Their medical plan can be changed to a plan that offers more coverage when they are 18, without them having to go through a health check. The insurance plan also entitles you to tax relief of up to RM3,000 a year by simply ensuring that the medical policy is under your name and that of your child.

There are two types of medical coverage plans to choose from. The main difference between the two is the additional benefits available on each plan.

A single medical plan like A-Life Med Regular is enough to cover you from all medical costs including hospitalization, consultation and treatment. It is the most suitable plan if you already have life insurance and are only looking for basic medical coverage in addition.

Medical plans that are added on top of existing life policies such as A-Plus Med also offer medical coverage in addition to life coverage. You can choose a more comprehensive rider (additional feature) and a policy payment guarantee for the child if you are no longer there.