How to apply for the Carolina Foundation scholarships

How to apply for the Carolina Foundation scholarships:

How to apply for the Carolina Foundation scholarships
How to apply for the Carolina Foundation scholarships



Studying in Spain is possible, thanks to the Carolina Foundation scholarships. The application for a  scholarship or more scholarships from the Carolina Foundation is made online and without sending documents. (You can apply for more than one program or participate more than once in this call for scholarships).

Once this information has been read, you must click on the icon shown at the end of this text and select the type of scholarship that interests you.

Next, press the icon “Online application” and then “New User” and register your personal data and save it. If you have previously applied for a Carolina Foundation scholarship, we recommend that you use the passwords with which you are already registered in our system. That way you will not need to register as a “New user”

Subsequently and once all your personal data has been filled in, you must continue to include the information related to:  “training, languages, professional experience and, where appropriate, publications and project” . Remember to always save the data, pressing the  button  for this purpose

Finally, if you wish to request more than one program, you can do so by clicking the “New request” icon, and choosing the desired program.

The case of doctoral fellowships, short stays and institutional studies there is no option “Apply online” since it is the institution with which Fundación Carolina has signed an agreement who is responsible for providing high computationally to your  candidates .

The allocation of scholarships follows a refined management system in whose selection process, guided by various filters, academic evaluation committees and independent professional experts participate who analyze the merits of the candidates.

Courses in Spanish: Before consulting this scholarship,  we leave you the information about online courses in Spanish, where you can also find courses from different universities. This is very useful if you are looking to study from home or anywhere else in the world.

YOU CAN REQUEST MORE THAN ONE PROGRAM. Did you know that in your application to the Carolina SCHOLARSHIPS, you must write a motivational text about why you deserve the SCHOLARSHIP or do you choose the program? Here are some super tips!: – and NEVER say you want to stay in Spain in your application – More information and how to apply at: https: // www. training / presentation /