Study in Canada

 Study in Canada

Study in Canada


Canada is one of the best countries to live in the world, thanks to a stable economy, developed society, first-class urban infrastructure and stunning nature.

Education in Canada is especially popular for Ukrainians. This is a simple way of immigration through obtaining a Canadian qualification, in other words, a diploma


Educational institutions in Canada

Royal Roads University. Canada


Royal Roads University. Canada

Royal Roads University is one of the leading and most progressive public universities in Canada, specializing in professional and applied programs such as: Business, Management …

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Simon Fraser University. Canada

Simon Fraser University is a public, research university, one of the three best educational institutions in Canada, as well as in the top 100 best educational institutions in the world according to the prestigious and …

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Thompson Rivers University. Canada

Dreaming of quality and affordable education in Canada? Thompson Rivers University is what you were looking for! Full name: Thompson Rivers University Location: Campoles, British Columbia, Can …

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University of Toronto. Canada.

The University of Toronto is the 2nd best university in Canada after McGill according to the QS World University Rankings. It is ranked 30th in the world ranking. University of Toronto …

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University of Waterloo. Canada.

Canada is one of the most powerful countries for higher education, we continue to introduce you to the best universities in this beautiful country. Today we will talk about the University of Waterloo – dis …

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University of British Columbia. Canada

University of British Columbia (UBC) – located on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, it is rightfully one of the best universities in Canada. For many years, UCB has been in the Top 40 Uni …

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Study in Canada pros and cons


  • High academic standards and strict control over the quality of education ensure that the received diploma will be highly quoted all over the world and will open doors for employment in the future.
  • The standard of living is the highest, and the prices for education and accommodation for foreigners will sometimes be lower than, for example, in the USA or Great Britain.
  • Multicultural society. The diversity of people from different cultures will make the student body unforgettable.
  • Safety is one of the main reasons why you should choose Canada. For example, the United Nations has ranked the country as one of the best places to live for several years in a row because of respect for human rights, equality and stability, and peace in society.
  • The study takes place in French or English. By the way, we want to note that Canada is one of the leading countries in language teaching in the world.
  • The ability to conduct innovative research. “Research” is an integral part of programs in research universities, so it will be a rewarding experience for science lovers.
  • The possibility of immigration is probably the main aspect that attracts many. The government has created a special scoring system and a transparent immigration policy, thanks to which, talented foreign specialists add to the list of residents of Canada.


  • Few people know the fact that Canada is a closed society. What does this mean? Without a doubt, Canadians are friendly, peaceful and polite, however, as student reviews show, it is almost impossible to find friends – Canadians. Often, the guys either communicate with representatives of their diaspora, for example, the Ukrainian one, or find friends among representatives of other nationalities. According to the well-known resource “Times Higher Education”, only 30% manage to establish close, friendly relations with the local population.
  • For many, distance becomes a real challenge. Flights are expensive and there are not always good connections, so students and parents will have to prepare to see each other several times a year.
  • Few positions for highly skilled immigrants. If we compare the chances of a Canadian and a Ukrainian for employment in top positions (for example, in the business industry), preference will always be given to the first. In lower-skilled positions, there are excellent chances of finding a job. Here it is important to understand who is going to Canada for what and what they are dreaming of.
  • Weather. Yes, the nature is mesmerizing, but the winter period is cold enough for warmth lovers. Throughout the winter, snow falls abundantly, and the temperature drops to -25 degrees.

Now let’s deal with common questions:

What is the education system in Canada?

The education system is divided into subdivisions:

Primary education
Classes Age
1 6 – 7 years old
2 7 – 8 years old
3 8 – 9 years old
4 9 – 10 years old
five 10 – 11 years old
6 11 – 12 years old
Secondary education
Classes Age
7 12-13 years old
8 13 – 14 years old
nine 14 – 15 years old
ten 15 – 16 years old
eleven 16 – 17 years old
12 17 – 18 years old

This is followed by higher or secondary vocational education

How much does it cost to study in Canada?

You need to understand that first you need to decide how the concept of “The cost of studying in Canada” is formed .

  • Selected university
  • Selected program
  • University fees
  • Insurance
  • Educational materials
  • Cost of selected housing
  • Nutrition
  • Personal waste
  • City (Calgary is cheaper than Toronto)
  • Province (Monitoba is cheaper than Ontario)
  • Availability of scholarships

Tuition fees will vary significantly, here’s an example:

Let’s take two different universities and calculate what the price for Ukrainians will be for one year, in two different territories.

University of Waterloo (Ontario)

Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering

  • Training per year – 42,272
  • Benefits – 2000
  • Accommodation in a double room – 5 673
  • Meals (standard plan) – 4 800
  • Personal waste – 3000

Approximate amount for the 1st year: 57,745 (turns out to be quite expensive).

Memorial University (Newfoundland and Labrador)

MSc in Anthropology

  • Training per year – 6 654
  • Books – 400
  • Accommodation – 6,000
  • Food – 2 900
  • Personal waste – 3000
  • University Compulsory Fees – 1.620

Approximate amount for the year: 20 574 (here it turned out on the contrary – inexpensive).

* The cost is approximate, tuition fees may vary, check with the admissions office for up-to-date information.

* Amounts quoted are in Canadian dollars.TO GET A CONSULTATION

Thus, we conclude that there is no single average tuition fee, everything is individual. Pay special attention to additional fees, they can add from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand.

Education in Canada for foreigners from CIS countries is paid. To save costs, pay attention to the scholarships, some lucky ones manage to cover all their expenses.

If you are looking for where it is cheaper to study in Canada for Ukrainians, you should definitely give preference to small, remote campuses and lesser known provinces.


How to start applying to Canada?


When considering the option of education abroad, a lot of questions arise, let’s look at the most common of them and find the answers to them together.

How to apply to Canada?

There is no single list or formula for admission, each educational institution has its own procedure for enrolling a potential candidate. Typically, a standard package includes:

  1. Application form
  2. Certificates, diplomas and transcripts from past schools or universities
  3. IELTS / DELF test
  4. Motivation letter
  5. Letters of recommendation
  6. Summary

In addition to the correct and strong set of documents, it is necessary to follow the deadlines for submission, track the status of your application and respond to the letters of the admissions office in time, fulfilling the appropriate additional requirements.

If the admission is successful, the children receive a letter of acceptance, after which they can safely apply for a visa!

Reviews about education in Canada


Popular areas of study in Canada

Finally, we want to provide a list of professions in demand in modern Canada. It will be useful if you are wondering “Who is the best to study with?”

Popular areas and specialties in Canada:


  • Medical education is in great demand, for high chances of employment it is better to study to be a doctor, nurse, psychologist, dentist, dental technician, beautician or veterinarian.
  • Pharmaceutical education is equally popular. After studying to be a pharmacist, a person can take a fairly high-paying position, with a salary of 60,000 to 100,000 CAD per year.
  • For 2017, there is a large shortage of accountants, financial analysts and brokers , so the economic direction in studies is more relevant than ever.
  • The situation is similar with engineers. Canadian universities have strong areas in their arsenal related to robotics, software, nanotechnology. For example, after studying to be a programmer, the cost in the labor market reaches 85,000 CAD.
  • The oil and gas business makes a significant contribution to the Canadian economy . Therefore, if there is a desire to develop in this direction, we advise you to consider the University of Calgary or the University of Alberta. The only thing you need to be prepared for is great competition (about 35 people per seat).


I    In-demand specialties

  • A classical legal education will always be valuable in the labor market, so if you dream of studying to be a lawyer, we advise you to pay attention to such universities as the University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of British Columbia – they have strong law schools.
  • If you are a creative person and want to be realized in this field, the most popular and interesting areas will be: architecture, design, specialization in photography, art and music education. Also, for those wishing to study to be a director, the Toronto Film School will be interesting, which was awarded the title of “one of the best film schools in Canada”.
  • Canada is a well-known tourist destination, so the hotel business is highly developed. Not surprisingly, there is a huge demand for professionals in this field, especially for managers of the hotel and restaurant industry and tourism. Such areas are widely represented in colleges, for example, Niagara College.
  • There are always few representatives of blue-collar occupations . If you’re looking for a vocational education, it’s best to study to be an electrician or a welder.




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