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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

History Class 12 Tamil Nadu Board for UPSC IAS PCS

Tamilnadu History Book For UPSC IAS PCS


Presently you have decided to progress toward becoming IAS official and searching for the books and study materials to accomplish your objective. All things considered, you are on the correct place. Presently We are  Sharing With You History Class 12 Tamil Nadu Board for UPSC IAS PCS

History is a basic piece of the UPSC test, two prelims and mains tests. Among all the books, the NCERT course readings are viewed as basic for a decent comprehension of the subject. 

In this article, you will find out about the Tamil Nadu board History(tamilnadu history book) reading material required for the UPSC Examination. 

  1. Class XII Textbook: For world history (Imperialism, French and American Revolutions, Nazism, Fascism, World Wars, Cold War, United Nations) and opportunity battle.
  2. Class XI Textbook: For old and medieval India, particularly for workmanship, culture, religion and design.
  3. Class IX Textbook: The keep going part on Industrial Revolution is valuable. 
The Tamilnadu history books are written in a basic and clear language. For TamilNadu history book, they make a decent read and will assist you with understanding the basic ideas of the subject. 

The Tamil Nadu reading material is some of the time more valuable than the new NCERT course readings. These books are progressively much the same as the old NCERT course books which were increasingly ordered in nature. 

It covers the rulers in a steady progression in a direct way. This is astounding for history fledglings that are ignorant regarding the lords and realms. Additionally, the NCERT books don't cover insights concerning the East India Company's Governor-Generals like Dalhousie, Hastings, and so forth. 

The Tamilnadu history book reading material spread these points better. You can even choose points and read both the Tamil Nadu and NCERT course readings simultaneously since they supplement one another.

These course books can be downloaded for free from the website  and the Download link is given at the bottom of this post.

Indian-History-Hand-Written-Notes-PDF-Download-for-UPSC-IAS-PCSHistory Class 11 Tamil Nadu Board Click Here

इसे भी देखें:- भूगोल महेश बर्णवाल भाग 2

यह जरूर देखे :

Free PDF Notes in Hindi Click Here
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History Class 12 Tamil Nadu Board

History Class 12 Tamil Nadu Board for UPSC IAS PCS

PDF Notes Free Download Click Here


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