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Wednesday, 29 August 2018



Full form of IAS is Indian administrative services. IAS is one of the top and core service of India and the top ranker who secured best marks are only eligible for IAS.IAS is top service among other 24 services which comes under UPSC like IPS IFS IRS IAS IES etc.The person who get job of an IAS work on top position of country like Commissioner Collector Chief Secretary Cabinet secretary Head of public sector unit And other prestigious jobs of the country.Becoming an IAS is not an easy task but yes if you have spirit then it is not impossible also. Job of IAS gives you chance to make difference in livelihood of Indians and help many indians which make this job prestigious.To become an IAS you have to first give an All india level  exam  known as UPSC CSE exam. UPSC conduct IAS exam in three parts i.e first one is Preliminary examinations another one is Mains examination last is Interview section. The people who will clear preliminary exams will be allowed to attend main examinations and after mains examination only passed candidates will be allowed to attend interview section. More than 12 lakhs candidate fill the form for exam of UPSC CSE every Year and only 5 Laks go for the examination but only 1000 will be selected for 24 services of UPSC. The candidates who got rank under 100 from general category are selected as an IAS. How to clear the civil service examinations?To clear IAS exam candidates are advised that they should have a good strategy from their preparation. Many candidates invest 10 to 12 months for their for preparation.

What is the eligibility criteria for IAS Exam?

The candidate must be citizen of India.
Starting age:21 years
Age limit: 32 years

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